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Freetech-Equipment offers a 3 year warranty on manufacturing and material defects of machines and parts that are manufactured and sold by Freetech-Equipment.

This regardless of whether the machine is used privately or professionally.

In addition, we offer the option to purchase an additional 1 or 2 year extra warranty. This is easy during the ordering process.


If a malfunction occurs in your device, please contact us first. Often the problem can be solved with technical support.

If this does not work, the device must be sent to us or brought in. Please enclose a copy of the invoice.


The package must be sent to the address below:


Freetech Equipment

Stenenkamerseweg 49

3882NG Putten

The Netherlands


(Make sure you receive a shipping receipt.)


We will then ensure that the machine is returned, functioning properly, as quickly as possible.


Of course, not all repairs fall within our warranty conditions (see warranty limitations).

If the warranty period has expired or the damage is not covered by the warranty, we will be happy to solve the problem for you.

Please contact us, so that we are aware of the defect of the device.

After we have received the machine, a diagnosis will be made quickly, together with a repair proposal. After approval, we will carry out the repair and return the device. If the repair is not carried out, the diagnostic costs already incurred will be charged.


Excluded from warranty are:

Torches, clamps and consumables.


The defective parts that are replaced under warranty become the property of Global Industries. 1 year warranty applies to replaced parts.

Repairs under warranty may only be carried out by us or a company recognized by us.

Transport and insurance costs are borne by the buyer.

The warranty starts on the day of purchase.

No claims can be made for (oral) agreements that are not specified in the warranty conditions.


Warranty limitations:

No guarantee is given for defects resulting from improper use, natural wear and tear, non-compliance with operating instructions, unsuitable primary power supply, incorrect gas pressure, malfunctions or defects in the primary power supply, transport or storage damage, intentional damage, damage resulting from improper handling and damage due to natural phenomena.

(In) direct costs (such as travel and transport costs, working hours, accommodation costs etc.) which are necessary for the repair are not covered by the guarantee. Welding torches and their parts, drive rollers and feed-through pipes of the wire feed units are also not covered by the warranty.

A defect caused by a fault of the user is not covered by the warranty. The warranty is voided if the buyer makes adjustments to the machine that have not been approved by the manufacturer of the machine, if repairs have not been carried out by us or a company recognized by us.



Goods received must be immediately checked for visible transport damage and must be reported immediately, as well as complaints about defects in deliveries.