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Van Roomen Klassieke Carrosserieën


Van Roomen Klassieke Carrosserieën

It's all about craftsmanship!

Few materials are as hard to form as sheet material. A lot of craftsmanship is needed to turn a flat plate into a new body part.

Restoring classic cars cannot be compared to modern cars, because many parts will have to be copied. There are many specialized machines for this in our workshop, but only by the correct operation of all these machines will those beautiful forms of your car come back to life!

What can we do for our customers?

The possibilities are endless, starting from a bare chassis of a car we can build everything you could want. Whether you want to build a custom-made classic car, as used to be the case with Touring, Zagato, van Vooren or other bodybuilder. Or that you want to equip a modern supercar with a new aluminum body. You will not only buy a very special car but also get an invaluable experience.

Car design is not only about the beautiful forms of the car, but also about the wishes and passions of the future owner. About the question behind the question, that is the field of the car designer! 

Whether it's about rebuilding a complete aluminum bodywork or restoring a rare classic, it's all possible.

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